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    Sex shaped the Internet as it exists today. Whether you call it adult content, smut, erotica or pornography; whether you consider it disgusting or titillating, the facts are clear that without business and technical pioneers in the online sex business, the World Wide Web would never have grown so big so quickly.

    Without consumer demand for big, bandwidth-hogging sex pictures and streaming video, Cisco would never have sold so many routers and Sun Microsystems so many servers. Without programming pioneers trying to perfect video streaming software that would deliver images of copulation and procreation to paying customers hooked up with a 28.8 kbps dial-up modem, it is unlikely that CNN would be effectively delivering news clips of global breaking news. Without sex-oriented chat and forums to sustain its early years, America Online might never have survived. The e-commerce payment systems that are so common today would be in a far more primitive stage of development, security and usability. Indeed, without advertising from sex sites, Yahoo! would be just another Web company with a bloody red bottom line.

    The first no-holds barred business and technology analysis of the $31 billion-dollar U.S. sex industry and how it has played a pivotal role in shaping the technology, content and economics of the Internet and the Worldwide Web.


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    CHAPTER 1 A Star is Porn

    CHAPTER 2 ePocrisy

    CHAPTER 3 Sex: The Key to Profitable Content

    CHAPTER 4 Product Sales Affiliate Programs

    CHAPTER 5 Hardcore Gets Softer

    CHAPTER 6 Spam, Scams and Flim-Flams

    CHAPTER 7 Consumer Fraud: By Consumers

    CHAPTER 8 Real-Time Web Transactions and Fraud Scrubbing

    CHAPTER 9 Piracy, Hijacking, Burglary & Spam

    CHAPTER 10 Dreamin’ of Streamin’

    CHAPTER 11 How The Internet is Shaping Sex

    CHAPTER 12 The Future Holds…?

    APPENDIX A Deep Bandwidth

    APPENDIX B Effectiveness of Internet Marketing

    APPENDIX C Take The Money and Run(For the Border)

    APPENDIX D Dial O11 for Trouble

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